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Use the GUNDALOO services so we can provide your information and feedback on services and consumer products to others via the Internet. Give the recognition deserved by rewarding a HEART.


Reward a


Have you ever been to a restaurant or received other types of services or purchased or otherwise obtained a consumer product that you felt was amazing and you just wanted to tell the whole world about it? WELL NOW YOU CAN by rewarding a HEART using our information and feedback services at www.gundaloo.com!

Provide information and your feedback to the public on a service or consumer product, or even on just a deserving person you know, using www.gundaloo.com. GUNDALOO services collects and provides that information and feedback to the public via the Internet for all to see.

You can spend as little as $1 and help promote, reward, recognize and applaud your favorite restaurant or other service provider, consumer product or person for all to see.


In addition, next time you are in a restaurant, instead of or in addition to giving a tip, just write in “gundaloo.com” where it says tip/gratuity and put your tip online so everyone can see what you thought of the restaurant.

Reward Courage, Recognize Compassion and Applaud Sacrifice by rewarding a HEART using GUNDALOO services.

The HEART and GUNDALOO services are provided by Gundaloo, Inc.