Spread the Love

Let's keep it going!

Give someone else the chance to spread the love, and make a difference in another's life.

How it Works

  1. Gift/Buy someone GoldHearts of goodness.
  2. These then go into that person’s treasure chest.
  3. They get an email informing them that they have these free goldhearts of goodness under their account.
  4. Then, when they log in, they can use these goldhearts of goodness to reward any category they choose.
  5. Reward a person, restaurant, service/business, or product with a Goldheart of Goodness from your treasure chest.


-Remember that your Goldhearts of Goodness in your treasure chest are automatically used first.
- Also Hearts in your treasure chest can only be used to purchase Goldhearts of Goodness.

Name of person you are gifting Email of person you are gifting
Number of Hearts Sender Name or Leave blank to submit Anonymously